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The patented compact design is slim and sturdy with a 25 cm base, meaning this bladeless 3-in-1 air purifier, heater & fan can fit into the tightest corners. The chic minimalistic design matches any modern home décor and makes for a practical accessory.

Place the fan in a vertical (up-right) position. If location of unit has a slight slope, place on a soft surface to prevent the fan from tipping.

DO NOT use in areas with high temperature and/or humidity (i.e. bathroom or kitchen).

DO NOT block the air inlet when in use. Keep away from curtains or loose fabrics to avoid objects blocking the air inlet, which may cause unit malfunctions.

Aura is equipped with front and back inlets for 360 degree air purification in rooms 320 square feet.
WIFI is not required to operate the Aura Bladeless Fan, but for convenience & hands-free use, follow the WIFI pairing instructions.
View WIFI pairing instruction PDF

1. Connect your phone to the desired WiFi.

2. Download either app: “Smart Life” or “TuyaSmart”.

3. For first time users: create an account after app has been installed and launched. For current users: log into account.

4. Press and hold the power button located on unit for 5 seconds (unit will beep 3 times).

5. When ready to pair, “F” will rapidly blink on display screen.

6. Follow on-screen steps within app to select this device type (fan/heater) from list of devices.

7. Select “confirm indicator rapidly blinking” in app & continue to follow on-screen steps to finish installation.

8. Once device is added within app, you can rename if desired. Tap “done” to finish and setup is complete.

IMPORTANT: Unplug the power supply before performing any maintenance.

AVOID contact with large amounts of water. DO NOT use banana oil, benzine, alcohol, bleach, harsh chemicals or metallic materials to wipe the surface of the unit.

Wipe the surface of the unit with a soft, dry cloth.

Use a soft brush or a vacuum to remove any dust that may collect at the air inlet or outlet. Regularly removing minimal amounts of dust will prolong life of unit and ensure fan is operating at maximum efficiency.

For full instructions view cleaning and maintenance PDF.
For optimal performance, the filter should be replaced every 6 months (average use of 4 hours/day) or 720 total operating hours.

Add our Puri HEPA filter to the cart & choose subscribe & save at checkout. Select your personalized delivery schedule and our filter will automatically be delivered to your doorstep at your selected frequency.

You can modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

Direct remote toward the receiver display to maximize remote control signal while operating unit.

View Remote Control Overview & Buttons PDF

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